Sometimes, the older sibling does it best.

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Thursday night’s Verzuz battle has been making its way around social media, and not in a good way. The pre-show featuring Ray J, Bobby V, Pleasure P, and Sammie caught the audience’s attention not because it was necessarily good, but because of Ray J’s performance.

Ray J took the stage and attempted to sing “One Wish.” However, this was truly an attempt as Ray J failed to hit a single note from the song.


Ray J once again became a trending topic on Twitter, with many asking if he was serious, and asking why he was holding his child on stage.

Regardless, Ray J didn’t take the jokes personally and even reposted a video making fun of him on his Instagram. His big sis, Brandy, jumped in the comments section asking Ray J why he didn’t follow any of her instructions.

“Bro, Pops told me that you didn’t drink none of the tea I made for you,” Brandy commentsed. “He also told me that you were talking all day when I specifically said NO TALKING and only drink water and the special tea I made for you at four in the freaking morning. Caught red handed. If I had one wish, is for you to listen to me. Lord have mercy. I love you but we are gonna have a serious conversation when I’m [off] of vocal rest.”

Ray J then deleted Brandy’s comment, and thats when she jumped back into the comments section, urging her little brother to “listen to your big sis sometimes.”