For San Diego rapper Bakes, hip-hop was always about finding a way to express himself and his wide range of opinions in an introspective and intelligent way. Since launching his rap career right out of his college apartment in the early 2010s, he has stayed true to his craft and art, showcased through his vast discography and lyrical prowess. From the launch of his career, Bakes has received critical acclaim for his wittiness and musical production, having scored accolades that include being featured in VEVO’s “Incoming Hip-Hop” playlists with his cinematic music videos, GQ’s “10 Songs to Sweat To” playlist, and various Up and Coming Artists lists. 

With his versatility, Bakes’s discography is a glimpse into how much he has evolved as an artist the past few years. With his prophetic single “Divine Timing” released in 2020, Bakes sets the scene for the anticipated release of his next project, ending the track by saying that “Patience is a virtue” in reference to his career trajectory. The launch of his album From the Ground Up in 2021 was a moment that can be considered a “full-circle” point of his career as an independent artist. Through the project, he released some of his most powerful and praised tracks including “My Opinion,” “1AM Somewhere,” “From the Ground Up,” and “F.T.G.U. (Interlude).” Followed by his album, Bakes released his experimental single “Illusion” later in the year, rapping about creating his own reality by breaking through the illusion caused by society and understanding how the subconscious mind controls your perception. 

What really distinguishes Bakes is his commitment to his craft. With his profound music, Bakes also expresses his visions through his riveting music videos. Through his music video for “Illusion,” Bakes employed a Matrix theme to explore the metaphorical meaning behind breaking out of the illusion of a distorted reality. Compared to the rest of his work, “Illusion” is an example of something that is more progressive in terms of his style. With his recent performance music video “My Opinion,” Bakes raps with visuals giving a dark and gritty vibe, fitting the critical commentary he is expressing through his lyrical verses. 
Stay tuned for more fresh projects from Bakes that always deliver a unique artistic perspective through his musical production, poetic wit, and visuals.

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