With a unique Chopped & Screwed event on DJ Screw Day, Crown Royal continued to redefine what luxury is (June 27). Crown Royal teamed up with hip-hop producer OG Ron C and Dr. Anne Lundy of the Scott Joplin Houston Orchestra to honor their contributions to maintaining the royal status of the Houston community in celebration of the rarity that Crown Royal Aged 18 Years carries and the self-expression of the Chopped & Screwed sound.

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Paul Wall, Slim Thug, and Lil Keke, three iconic artists, astonished visitors all night long. The collaboration pays tribute to the pioneers who paved the way for the Houston area and emerging musical aristocracy around the world. Classic C&S songs rearranged by OG Ron C and Dr. Anne Lundy of the Scott Joplin Houston Orchestra will be performed by a 25-person orchestra in this one-of-a-kind experience.

“I’m so grateful to have found a partner in Crown Royal 18, who truly understands what bringing together so many key players of the culture means. Honoring such an extra rare expression of music means so much to my community,” shares Chopstar, producer and DJ OG Ron C. “This partnership is not only about how I express myself through the slow, artfully curated process of making a track, but also about celebrating the real within the Houston community and beyond that truly embodies this journey that I and many of my peers have embarked on.”


Crown Royal Aged 18 Years offers levels of intensity that are simultaneously surprising and enjoyable, offering unmatched complexity. This is achieved by a lengthy process that brings out richer, more intricate flavors. C&S music goes through a similar process, one that helped create new, contemporary icons and offers uncommon platforms for artistic expression as a method for Houstonians to engage with people outside of the city.

“The contributions of Chopped & Screwed music have provided a platform for Houstonians to connect and express themselves through the arts,” says Nicky Heckles, Vice President of Crown Royal. “We are thrilled to bring together such influential leaders in the community for this extra rare evening to celebrate all the amazing work they have achieved and their positive impact on past and future generations.”

For every download and stream of the OG Ron C Spotify playlist “Extra Rare Chopped & Screwed” Crown Royal 18 Year Old will make a donation to the Community Music Center of Houston, which preserves the extra-rare spirit of the Houston neighborhood.

You can see the images from the night below.

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