Berto Boligan is a Cuban-American Entrepreneur who turned his life around. While working his daily job, he realized this was not the way that he wanted to carry on with his life. Perusing books roused him loads, after which he began his arrangement. Continuously being leaned towards tech currently has him owning various successful software organizations. How he turned his life around was an effect on many individuals, rousing them to follow their fantasies. Roberto, otherwise called Berto is likewise a Social Media Influencer with an enormous fan following on both Facebook and Instagram. He urges individuals to begin their organizations so they can direct any way they wish. He tells individuals no one can characterize their true capacity and their cutoff points and they shouldn’t let any partner, relative, or companion in the middle between them and their work.

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Loving innovation, Robert seriously loves Esports, which is an overall industry worth north of billions of dollars and it continues to expand consistently. He is a coach to individuals and guides them on the most proficient method to shape themselves to turn into the best in their classification. The Cuban American Tech Savvy Entrepreneur has as of late distinguished huge potential in Pakistan connected with Esports. He has recognized Pakistan’s triumphs in Tekken throughout the course of recent years and as per his exploration, he accepts that there are heaps of undiscovered ability in the subcontinent basically because of the absence of assets and direction among individuals. Surprised by the Dedication he has witnessed in youthful trying Pakistanis, he has chosen to invest his resources into the nation and set up his very own Bootcamp. He accepts this will observe Pakistan’s previous triumphs and will propel the adolescent to seek after esports.

In his Bootcamp, he will take total responsibility for providing the hardware, guidance, and different assets to the committed youth keen on pursuing a profession in Esports. This will assist with beating the troubles the Pakistanis face. Boligan firmly accepts that with the perfect proportion of exertion and direction, he can get ready proficient global players and shape his very own group to rival players at a global level from players around the world. Under his mentorship, he intends to set up a group of the best players from everywhere in the country, whom he will furnish the expected assets and mentorship with. He will then take his group to contend in worldwide contests. This will be valuable for the group, the nation, and Berto himself.