Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx were two of the biggest comedians in the 1990’s. They were both known for their comedic range and ability to play different characters, with Foxx showcasing his skills on In Living Color, and Martin on his own sitcom Martin. Two of their more popular characters, Wanda and Shenehneh were fan favorites and in a recent interview, Martin Lawrence revealed that the two characters were supposed to have a movie together.

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While on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Fallon asked Lawrence if there would ever be a Martin reboot. Lawrence said he doesnt think they could recapture what they did in 1992, but would love to do a movie based around Shenehneh.

“I think, well, you know, the Martin show was like catching lightning in a bottle and I don’t think we can redo that again,” he said. “I wouldn’t mind working with the cast again on something but I don’t think we can do that again.” Fallon said that a movie would be “like the Martin Cinematic Universe,” to which Lawrence replied that he “would love to see a movie with Sheneneh.”


That’s when Lawrence said that he and Jamie Foxx were supposed to do a movie with Shenehneh and Wanda. “We were supposed to do a movie with Sheneneh and Jamie Foxx with Wanda, but that never came about,” Lawrence added. “If we could ever get that together, I think y’all would love this.”

You can watch the clip below.