“Chris Gayle is set to headline a new reggae compilation album, Lauryn Hill, Jason Derulo, Including King Tiger, Redman and Ali Starr – have a Soundtrack & Score together for “DOGGMEN The Motion Picture” Starring DMX his last final film ever will be featured on Tropical House Cruises To Jamaica: The Asian Edition”. 

Chris Gayle‘s album debut comes on the Billboard-charting reggae series, Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica compilation album, which is launching an Asian Edition called ‘Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica: The Asia Edition.’ The project includes several prominent artists, including the iconic Lauryn Hill, Morgan Heritage, Jah Cure, Capleton, Kali Ranks, Jason Derulo, King Tiger, and Malaysian reggae artist Sasi the Don.

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The album is produced by Jamaica’s top producer of the moment, Sean ‘Contractor’ Edwards, and is set for release in July. According to Contractor Edwards, Gayle is the headlining artist and has been chosen for a strategic marketing move as he not only debuts worldwide but is also building out his brand in music as he capitalizes on his sports platform. “Sports and music go together and to have our sports stars dive into music and invest in it is good for our local industry and the world. I also like the fact that Gayle is enjoying his passion and it’s an honor to have him on the album,” Edwards told Urban Islandz.

Gayle’s song called “Gimmi Your Love” features artist Shav A. In an exclusive interview, the cricketer, who is the all-time highest run-getter in the history of T20 cricket, shared that he was looking forward to his first major project debut. “It would be great to have the Universe Boss on the album and it’s looking to target the Asian market, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lank,” the cricketing legend said. “Those are my grounds, I’ve been so dominant on the cricket platform so yea with music separate from cricket it should be something new for the people on the Asian side, I’m excited about it and I’m looking forward to it,” he added. Gayle goes by the moniker “Universe Boss,” which he acquired due to the notoriety from his batting skills as a cricketer. The artist says he’s looking forward to fans enjoying the album.


“It’s a great look, it’s a big look to be featured on Contractor’s new album. I’m excited, first time featuring on an album, hopefully, it can reach the Billboard and more things can gwan for the Universe Boss. The album will be lit, Asia, we coming!” Gayle told Urban Islandz.

The father of one also shared that since his journey into music; he has received support from his spouse, particularly his daughter, who enjoys his music. He continues to play cricket but notes he has been spending a lot of time in the studio in the last year as he says he discovered the joy of making music.

“[I’m] Still playing professional cricket but I discovered music since the global health crisis which has affected free movement for the past nine months. Stylo G approached me to do the “Too Hot” Remix. I thought he was joking and he said ‘Yes I am serious’, the passion started then and the feedback I was receiving from friends, fans and family was spectacular. I find it more fun composing music than listening to it,” Gayle said. As for what his favorite genre of music is, Gayle says he doesn’t have a particular genre of music he prefers, only that he loves creating music others can enjoy.

“My style of music is relative as it applies to all genres. Dancehall crossover, it’s still a learning process and I know I do have a long way to go,” he said. “Being creative it’s not just a life it’s way more fun than that, the way how you can play with the words to create a song is amazing,” he added. As for whom he looks up to, he notes, “no one, in particular, I am a genuine music lover. I listen to everyone I am always vibing to whichever single is out, I listen to all types of music.” Gayle is among a growing number of athletes who are showing that they are multitalented. Among them is legendary sprinter Usain Bolt and cricketer Marlon Samuels. They are all Jamaicans.

In the meantime, Gayle, a former West Indies cricket team captain, continues his professional cricket exploits even as he enters the competitive world of music while also enjoying the ropes when it comes to fatherhood. He is often seen online sharing his shenanigans with his lovely daughter and wife. As for whether his daughter enjoys his music, the cricket legend laughed as he noted that his daughter is deeply loyal and finds his music to be the best in the world.

As for King Tiger his Billboard single Wingz Up featuring Redman, Ali Starr and Melodiq 10th Wonder and Fullmoon from Wu-Tang Clan has been featured on the new Tropical House Cruises To Jamaica headlined by Chris Gayle, this single is A-List song which has been selected to be one of the Movie scores for DMX’s last film ever hitting the theaters near you, called “DOGGMEN THE MOTION PICTURE” Directed by Antonio Simmons. King Tiger is on three Soundtracks for the movie: The Soundtrack and Score called “The Last Growl” Produced by Super Producer’s ‘Born Genius and Self Service’. King Tiger whose birth name is ‘Juan O. Cayetano Jr’ owns an established Founding Label called Drastic Universal Records, LLC currently has a Record Label global distribution deal with Intercept Music, INgrooves Music and Universal Music Group and owns multiple Businesses such as owning his ATM business and owns several ATMs / Bitcoin Machines who is indeed an ATM Guru. The Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate King Tiger has been dominating the iTunes Charts at #1’s, #3, #4 and #5 and Top 100 & 200 with over 43 iTunes Chartings in the last two year’s straight. David “DiPresident” Grant and Juan “King Tiger” Cayetano Jr are business partner’s and DiPresident also manages King Tiger and together they are Marketing experts providing Marketing services for all professional entities, organization’s, Billboard advertisements and Movie funding’s etc. The Ministry of Tourism intends to capitalize on the popularity of explosive West Indies and Jamaican opening batsman-turned-reggae-artist Chris Gayle, in making inroads in the huge-but-untapped Asian market. Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, says that Mr. Gayle, being one of only four players to have scored two triple centuries in Test cricket, has not only made a name for himself on the world stage but has emerged as an iconic figure and one of the most well- known sportsmen throughout all of Asia.

“Chris Gayle is certainly a huge asset to Jamaica and a central figure in the engagement of Asians, particularly Indians,” Mr. Bartlett tells JIS News. “When you call his name in India it is magic, so whatever important values he brings to this engagement, however it can enhance Jamaica’s presence in that market, that is something we are not about to pass on,” he says. “I just want to say that Asia is the next frontier for us, and we have already started working in India, and we have an agent in India. We will be calling on Chris, as we know that he is an icon in the cricket space in that beautiful country,” he adds. The Tourism Minister says that Asia, including the Middle East, is one of the newer markets that the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) has been pursuing, adding that “we will not be shy about using some of our iconic weapons such as Chris Gayle to assist with our marketing”. “It is something we have at our disposal… something that few of our competitors have – global stars with huge international followings. Chris Gayle’s venture into music and the fact that Asia is one of his main target markets can only mean great things for our music, culture, and tourism,” the Minister notes. The Asian market has been growing exponentially and has taken on renewed interest. The largest continent in the world, with a population of 4.5 billion people, Asia is diversely rich in people, culture, and resources. 
Over the last few decades, the Asian economy has seen rapid growth, outpacing many western markets and presenting myriad opportunities for investors to capitalize. The technological boom, the decline in poverty, and the rise in income levels have made the Asian market attractive. Mr. Bartlett’s endorsement of Mr. Gayle, who now plays mostly 20-20 cricket, comes at a time when the self-styled ‘Universe Boss’ will be a featured act on a compilation album, titled, ‘The Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica: The Asian Edition’. The album, which will be promoted heavily in Asia, is set for release very soon and features international acts such as R&B singer Jason Derulo, King Tiger, Lauryn Hill, Ali Starr, (Rapper) Redman, Lady Marga MC, Gentleman, (Grammy Award Winner’s) Morgan Heritage, Sashi the Don and many more. For his part, Mr. Gayle, in a recent interview with reporters at the release of his new single ‘Gimme Your Love’ says he is not only thrilled to be making the transition from cricket to music but feels the foray into the Asian market is “a win-win” for both himself and Jamaica.

“I am so excited about the new single and to be featured with these great icons on this equally exciting new album. It is true that I have a name and a huge following in Asia, having done very well in the Indian Premiere League over the years. Not only will this album be promoting our music in Asia but will also be pushing the Jamaican brand and which will make it easier to market our tourism product,” he says. Meanwhile, Multi-Award Winning Executive Producer Sean “Contractor” Edwards says that Mr. Gayle’s association with the album “will guarantee” huge record sales in the Asian marketplace and provide a “major boost” for the local tourism industry. “The album is targeting the Asian countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia where Chris Gayle is basically idolized as a sports icon. We anticipate a lot more sales from this project than any other album I have released,” Mr. Edwards points out.

In addition to Gayle, Australia’s Donald Bradman, India’s Virender Sehwag, and fellow West Indian Brian Lara, are the only batsmen in the history of Test cricket to have scored more than two triple centuries.

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