Eric Holder was found guilty of the murder of Nipsey Hussle on March 31, 2019, outside the Marathon Clothing Store in Crenshaw.

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According to the Los Angeles Times, Holder left Hussle after a brief encounter only to return several minutes later and shoot the rapper 11 times. During the incident, two additional men were shot but survived.

During the trial, Holder’s attorney, Aaron Jansen, did not seek acquittal but instead attempted a lesser charge of manslaughter. During his argument, Jansen argued his client was “triggered” by accusations of cooperating with law enforcement.


“This was not just a pleasant conversation between homies who are chopping it up … this was a serious accusation,” Jansen said.

The argument was unsuccessful as the L.A. County Deputy Dis. Attorney poked holes in the belief through the testimony of witnesses and gang members.

One of the first witnesses was Shermi Villanueva, a 47-year-old injured in The Marathon Store’s parking lot. During Villanueva’s testimony, the last words of Nipsey Hussle were recounted.

“‘He shot me. He shot me,'” Villanueva said he heard Hussle say. “I heard it, and then I saw Nipsey fall. When I looked and see Nipsey, I started to run.”

The jury convicted Holder of murder and attempted voluntary manslaughter. He is now facing life behind bars.