Kanye is one of the greatest and most polarizing performers in hip-hop and modern day music. It’s no secret that he goes above and beyond to deliver a spectacle performance for the viewer. However, these performances come with a cost, and its no secret that Kanye is also has one of the highest performance fee’s of any musician.

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A twitter user recently posted a thread of artists and their performance fees. The user put Kanye’s fee at $1 million. Kanye later reached out to the page to correct his performance fee.

“Please change this,” Ye DM’d the user. “My performance fee is 8 million,” he added.


This month Ye is set to perform at Rolling Loud Miami after a string of performances at Coachella and the Grammys were canceled. TMZ reports that Ye gave up on a $8 million performance at Coachella after the festival was going to spend $500,000 in production costs so that Ye could build the stage he wanted.

With just a couple weeks until Rolling Loud Miami, it is unsure whether Ye will make good on his promise of performing or dropout at the last minute.

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