Fresh off the hills of “Tyrone Evolved,” a man’s response to Erykah Badu’s 1997 hit “Call Tyrone,” South Florida-based hip hop recording artist Von Archer announces that his next single “Soul of A God,” out now, via Excellently Black Music. Inspired by true events, the song was written to promote unity amongst the culture.

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Known for his out-of-the-box performances, the artist released two songs with Hip Hop artist Doxamillion titled “Cassius” and “Elevate” before teaming up with Baby G. and Johnny Show in “Viva A Sua Vida.” In April of 2022, Archer released “Tyrone Evolved,” a sequel to Erykah Badu’s 1997 hit “Call Tyrone.”

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With a message of evolution and Black excellence at the core of his brand, the creative artist is on a mission to unite the culture through his music.

“I got the soul of a God in my system/ I got the soul of a God in my system/ I got the soul of a God in my system/ unify, spread love is the mission,” he sings on “Soul of A God.”

The song opens up with an old-school, Harlem vibe. You can hear the trumpets blowing and soulful harmonies in this new head-bobbing, hip-hop track where old school meets new school. It’s a whole vibe with a message of unity, love and personal evolution. 

“A young kid that I knew was shot and killed a couple of years ago. That is what inspired me to write this song. If we had more love, I believe these types of things wouldn’t happen. We are all God’s in our own way. If we all moved with the soul of a God, we would be able to spread more love and unity,” says Archer.

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“United we stand I’m talking Unity divided we fall/ Change the narrative to help the people evolve/To the younger generation show them what’s real/ They’re popping them pills popping in clips looking to kill/ 9 o’clock on the dot a Glock nine was popped / Watch the news in the morning somebody’s son was shot/ Somebody’s mom in shock, it’s an ongoing cycle/ Makes you want to go home and open a bible/ Drop your face in your hands trying to understand/ A young king killed can’t be a part of God’s plan/ Damn, he was just in the club throwing some bands/ Barely 21 he was just becoming a man/ Imagine if the hood unified we can do it we got to start with you and I/ Then it multiply/ Put the nines down put the two fingers up/ Can’t let people self-destruct,” he raps in the first verse.

He continued: “This song is about unifying as a culture. I believe I was put here to do something excellent in this world. So with my God-given talents, I’m trying to motivate and inspire excellence.”

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