Idris and Sabrina Elba partners in life and now business were one of the first to go public when they contracted the Corona virus which they both battled together. Within months of staying in place and quarantining with the rest of the world, the two launched and created The Hub by S’able Labs, a website discussing interpersonal relationships and partnerships and how they pertain to self-care, in 2020, followed by an Audible podcast, ‘Coupledom’. As the Elbas began to build out conversations around coupledom and partnership, and how it relates to self-care, their attention turned to skincare and how couples and families overall traditionally share skincare products. And S’able Labs skincare line was born. “We’re a partnership, and skincare is something we can share. We are both on the same page about feeling good externally and it helps us approach our day,” Idris in an interview S’able which is the “Elbas” spelled backwards is designed to be a genderless multi-use skincare with responsibly sourced ingredients in collaboration with small farmers from around the globe specifically Africa.  “I think if we learned anything in the pandemic, it’s that we really have to be working together to get through anything,” Sabrina states in an interview.

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The debut assortment consists of a line of three products a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer with ingredients like Qasil harvested from the leaves of the Gob tree, baobab from the African baobab, also referred to as the “Tree of Life,” and black seed with anti-inflammatory properties. Each of the products is infused with The Elba’s experiences. “Somali women have been using qasil, [a powder made from the leaves from the gob tree], for centuries,” says Sabrina Elba. “I’ve watched my mom put this green stuff on her face forever. It’s a great natural soap full of antioxidants,” she tells ‘Allure’. The resulting product line will reportedly be affordable but luxury, and formulated to specifically target hyperpigmentation, inflammation, and overall skin health.  It will also extend beyond product offerings with eventual partnerships and wellness events that will connect customers with S’able Labs for a more personal experience.  Click HERE  for more information.