L.O.X.’s Styles P has rapped and stood for social justice long before his healthy living ventures and that was shown yesterday in front of Styles’ juice bar in Yonkers when the rapper confronted Yonkers Police officers who were being overly aggressive with a woman they were attempting to detain.

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The teen girl can be heard screaming for help in the video in front of Juices For Life In Yonkers while several officers were attempting to place her in handcuffs. A female bystander recorded the incident to ensure police didn’t overstep their authority. Not long after, Styles can be heard in the video calling the cop on top of the teen a “bitch” before the officer attempted to confront the D-Block veteran, but with no laws broken, the officer was forced to listen to the legendary rapper’s anti-police brutality tirade.

In typical gentleman fashion, Styles took to social media later last night to apologize for not controlling his temper during the confrontation, however, he did contend that somebody has to stand up against an obvious problem that continues to haunt urban communities.