Many hip-hop stars are known for creating their own clothing, shoes, or jewelry line, but rapper Fabolous might be the first artist to have a line that includes a Parisian jewelry trunk and other upscale accessories that can fit in with both work and play fits.

Fobolous Hemincuff line
Fabolous Hemincuff line collab

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The resulting collab between Fabolous and well-known jeweler Greg Yuna is a new line in the NYC-based vegan and sustainable accessories brand, Hemincuff. The collection which features a variety of trunks, backpack and a holster bag, is decorated in the brand’s exclusive geo-print, which is inspired by Hemincuff Founder and Creative Director Noel Veloz’s love for Parisian fashion, art, and architecture as well as hip-hop culture.

Noel Veloz details the collaboration stating, “I wanted to drop this Paris Collection with Fabolous and Greg Yuna because they are defined as tastemakers in the industry. Fabolous has been my all-time favorite hip-hop artist since I was a kid, and my dream has always been to work alongside him and that’s just what I did. I bumped into his manager at one of my retail jobs, he introduced me to Greg Yuna, and the rest was history. With this collaboration, I’ll become the first Dominican American to release vegan leather trunks handmade in Mexico. I’m really looking forward to creating my own lane with this collection.”


According to Veloz, the line’s geo-print was inspired by his close relationship and love for his family with the six leaves in the print representing the six letters in the word “family” and the six members of Noel’s family. The two darker colors represent Veloz’s parents and the four royal blue leaves, which is Veloz’s and his father’s favorite color, represent his three other siblings. When his family comes together the geo print is complete.

Fabolous describes how he was excited to be a part of the collaboration as Veloz and his family hail from the Bronx, Fabolous’s home city, stating: “When Noel approached me to be a collaborator in his Hemincuff Paris Collection alongside Greg Yuna, I knew I had to be a part of it. Noel’s Father has been and is the inspiration of these creations and the Hemincuff brand as a whole – him and Noel put the name in the vegan leather! Greg is from Queens, I’m from Brooklyn, and Noel is from the Bronx – it was a New York collaboration! When we come through with the vegan trunk briefcase, we mean business!” 

Hemincuff unveiled the gorgeous  PARIS THE FAMILY X GY collection ($295 – $695), which is now available for pre-order. Customers are able to join the waitlist now on the brand’s website This limited edition collection will release in Fall 2022. The collection ranges from ($295-$695).