Everyone from Kareem “Biggs” Burke, Jim Jones, The Lox, Mike Tyson, Funk Flex, Victor Cruz, and many more have embraced the streetwear brand “Can’t Relate,” Founded by designer Nur Anderson after losing his older brother Malik James to senseless gun violence. This tragic event inspired Nur to create a vision for the youth, not only an elite clothing brand but an even more powerful idea that would shed light on some of the gun violence issues facing inner city kids in America today, especially in black communities.

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The young clothing designer funded the company himself eight years ago. He sent products to his favorite music artists and influencers, not to post but to genuinely support the creative. In return, some of the biggest names in hip hop, sports, and entertainment have shown authentic and genuine love by wearing these customs on red carpets for major interviews and in-studio sessions.

“One of the most memorable experiences I can reflect on was Mike Tyson receiving a package from us in person. Right away, he decided to put the hat on for a picture, against the advice of some of his team,” said Anderson. “His reasoning was, you know what this guy could’ve done, and he created a clothing brand. This is a notable moment I’ll forever recall.”

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Can’t Relate has a hip-hop influence from how it’s worn, presented, and packaged. It has a unique aesthetic that screams the culture, but it’s exclusive enough that some of the coolest people in the culture have stamped this company. Anderson said rap lyrics like Kendrick Lamar’s “Sing About Me” kept him motivated.

Can’t Relate just dropped their latest collection for the summer, The Summers Ours. The difference between this collection and previous drops is that they’re launching their first highly reflective 3m product line. They’re also focusing on new innovative, lightweight streetwear garments-for men, women, and children.

“The inspiration behind this collection focuses on positivity and the idea of beating adversity and never giving up no matter what,” said Anderson.