Influencer Amber Rose recently had a candid conversation regarding her beliefs about God and Christianity. She reveals she found Buddhism and that feels right to her.
In a candid conversation, Amber Rose tells Raquel Harper on the It’s Tricky Podcast why she questions the religion.

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“I had a lot of questions about God that just didn’t add up. I believe in science, more than, like an invisible entity named God was like, ‘Let there be light,’ It just seems far fetched to me.”

“And I just don’t believe Jesus died for my sins and came back to life. That’s ludicrous.”


She also adds, that science and the theory of evolution are just more logical to her. She says she did grow up going to church, and was even told by her mom what TV shows to avoid due to “the devil” — but as she’s grown up, she’s only developed more questions than answers about religion. Especially about some of the Bible stories.

Watch the video below.

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