Guess what? We could have had a 50 Cent and DJ Premier collaboration. During a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, DJ Premier revealed while he was on Terror Squad, he had a 50 Cent collaboration in the works for a compilation project, but it fell through due to Dr. Dre.

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Right before the single could be created, Dre and Aftermath swooped in and signed 50, blocking him from making any more new music before his debut album hit.

Premier revealed the collaboration talks came after “How To Rob” was buzzing in the streets and 50 Cent was down to do the record, citing an instant connection.


“He said he would do the record, and right when it’s about time to do the record, we get a call that Fif can’t do it,” Premier said. “I’m like, ‘Why not?’ and they like he’s about to sign to Eminem and Dr. Dre.”

Premier said he spoke with Dre, who said it was all love. “I talked to Dre, and Dre was like, ‘Preem, I love you, but he’s not doing any more recording until he does his debut album.'”

What could have been… but it may not be too late. DJ Premier is still cranking out collaborations, as evident with his new release with Mass Appeal, Hip Hop 50 Vol. 1. We could only hope 50 Cent has the desire to hop back in the booth again.

You can hear the story and more from DJ Premier below.