The panels for the United Justice Coalition’s (UJC) first-ever social justice summit, which will be held at Center415 in New York City and cover important subjects like wrongful conviction, decriminalizing mental illness, prison conditions, American policing, exiting the criminal justice system, and more, were announced today.

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The families of Eric Garner, Botham Jean, Antwon Rose II, and Terence Crutcher are scheduled to take part in a panel discussing how they turned their anger into advocacy after their loved ones were tragically shot and killed by police officers. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson has been asked to give the invocation speech.

They join the list of renowned activists, artists, attorneys, specialists, and more who have already been confirmed to speak at the event, including Yo Gotti, Charlamagne tha God, Ben Crump, Dr. Bernice A. King, Letitia James, Soledad O’Brien, Ari Melber, and Dr. Alfiee Breland Noble. The complete list of panelists is provided below, and participants can register to attend HERE.


Additionally, the summit will feature a networking and idea-exchange space where attendees can network with representatives from over 40 different advocacy groups. Black Voters Matter, REFORM Alliance, Innocence Project, Until Freedom, Dream Corps, Time Done, Anti-Recidivism Coalition, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, National Association of Sheriffs, National Lawyers Guild, and other groups are among those taking part.

“In the wake of so many tragedies and after decades of unfair and unjust policing of our communities and our bodies, the work that the UJC is doing to turn pain into purpose is urgent and necessary,” said Robert F. Smith, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Vista Equity Partners; and REFORM Alliance Founding Partner. “From adversity, we can always find a new sense of hope and a broader community of support.”

“REFORM is thrilled to support the UJC Summit Inaugural Social Justice Convention,” REFORM Alliance CEO Robert Rooks said. “Team Roc has done an incredible job bringing together a diverse and dynamic group of people to talk about real solutions to advance safety and justice for communities across America. We are excited about our continued partnership to fix our broken criminal justice system through urgently needed probation and parole reform.”

The event is sponsored by JPMorgan Chase, REFORM Alliance, The Athlete’s Foot, Robert F. Smith, and Block. Additional support comes from Lyft, Hard Rock Hotel New York, NOBODY, Selina Hotel – Chelsea, and OUTFRONT.

“One in three Americans have an arrest or conviction record, creating significant barriers to employment for a substantial number of working-age adults,” said Diedra Porché, Head of Community and Business Development, Chase. “Meaningful jobs and a solid financial foundation are central to efforts to unlock lasting economic opportunity for more people. JPMorgan Chase is focused on efforts to give people with criminal backgrounds a second chance, and supporting their reentry into the workforce and community are a key part of this commitment.”

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