Most social media dwellers these days don’t believe that success can come to anyone who believes in themselves and works hard. For some reason, it is believed that only some kind of superpower can help a person become successful and realize his dream.

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Varvara Vlasova, a well-known insta-blogger who has already managed to win thousands of hearts, proves again that nothing is impossible. Today she conquers the music industry and is firmly striding forward.

A successful model, well-known presenter and influencer, @varvarakrasavica has hundreds of thousands of subscribers on her Instagram page, and her videos on Tiktok and YouTube are gaining millions of views. Regular guests of her pages note the charm, openness and unique energy of their idol. What is the secret of her success? Varvara herself admits that there is no secret, and she does not possess any superpowers. But there is a goal and willpower to go forward and not look back at your mistakes. “Mistakes should not be hung up on, lessons should be learned from them.”


@varvarakrasavica from childhood loved music and dreamed of becoming a star. But the modeling career, blog, photo shoots and other major projects left almost no free time. A couple of years ago, at a concert by one of her favorite performers, the young musician realized that the time had come. As with any of her projects, Varvara approached the creation of her own music with all care, and soon her first singles were released. And after some time, these singles were already sparkling on the top lines of the music charts.

The young singer from the first steps in the music industry was able to bring something new and absolutely unique to the modern sound. Her music is a unique mixture of rap, electronic music and pop sound. Her singles are mesmerizing and simply make the listeners put the tunes on repeat.

Now the young singer’s singles are conquering the American music charts, and she draws inspiration from her favorite hip-hop artists, such as Lil Wayne and Jay-Z. A talented singer dreams of surpassing her idols.

In addition, @varvarakrasavica loves to travel, and has already visited almost all European countries. Also, the young musician is fond of horse riding and skiing. Varvara generally believes that everything in a person should be developed harmoniously, and sport is an obligatory part of life.

The future for the @varvarakrasavica looks very promising. Already today she receives a huge number of proposals from major recording companies about the possible launch of new projects. Varvara hasn’t revealed her plans to her fans yet, but she wants to surprise her fans with her future endeavors.