Over the weekend, Kanye heads flooded Gap stores around the country after it was announced that the Yeezy Gap x Balenciaga collection would be making its way into stores. Gap’s flagship store in New York City was the first to offer the collection, followed by the rest of the country on Saturday, July 23rd. Vans carrying the merch even popped up in Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

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The release of this collection has Kanye fans wondering what the future looks like for the Yeezy Gap partnership. According to Balenciaga’s creative director, Demna, the future of Yeezy Gap will continue without Balenciaga. The designer announced on Monday, July 25, that the Yeezy Gap x Balenciaga partnership is over.

In a statement to eh New York Times, Demna said that the partnership was just step #1 of Ye’s plan for the brand. “This was just step No. 1. He needed a starting point, and that was my challenge: to give him the starting point. But he is still miles and miles away from where he wants this to go,” Demna said.


Ye’s partnership with Gap is a part of his plan to make egalitarian clothing. Ever since his Adidas deal, and even as recent as his now legendary Drink Champs interview, Kanye has stated multiple times that he is against exclusivity and wants everybody who wants a pair of Yeezys or an article of his clothing to be able to have it.

In regards to how successful the Yeezy Gap partnership has been, Kanye took to Instagram where he revealed that he has set the two biggest sales days in Gap history with the release of the “Perfect Hoodie.”

“We’ve had 2 of the biggest sales day in Gap history since I’ve been there. We sold 14 million dollars worth of the perfect black hoodie at 80 dollars a hoodie off of a television commercial that was ran one time. I came to Gap to bring good quality products to the people at all times. Bob I need to meet with you as soon as possible,” Ye said on IG.