Everybody is entitled to their opinion, no matter how outlandish it might be, and some opinions are better than others.

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Now it’s no secret that Jack Harlow has had an amazing year, dropping one of the years biggest albums (so far), having a chart topping single, getting a Drake feature, and even his own meal at KFC. Harlow’s success so early in his career has led many to believe that he will become the next rap superstar. Apparently boxer Ryan Garcia thinks so, and thinks his success will be Yeezy level.

Garcia took to Twitter where he told his followers that “Harlow the new Kanye.”


Garcia was then flamed in the comments section for his take, with many people bringing up the lackluster writing that Harlow was criticized for in his latest album.

Ryan saw himself getting flamed in the comments and defended his statement, saying that Harlow reminds him of a younger Kanye in that they both have catchy bars.

Garcia then went on to quote one of Harlows lyrics in a follow up tweet, saying “You dont need Givenchy, you need Jesus.”

While people might not agree with Garcia’s take, Kanye himself has co-signed the Kentucky rapper. In a now deleted Instagram post, Ye talked about Jack Harlow, saying ““This n*gga can raaaaaaap bro And I’m saying n*gga as a compliment Top 5 out right now.” Harlow was also featured on Kanye’s Donda 2, which has only released on the stem player website.