NASHEW – the new artist on the block has wowed the listeners with his work, which has left a magic spell across the music industry. He has fast emerged as the most looked upon music artist who has gained a steady following within no time of his stepping into this vastly competitive zone, which is beaming with the world’s best talents. We can confidently say that this German born and bred music artist is steadily heading towards stardom.

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Brilliance oozes out of every piece of music that he presents, which is impossible to ignore, as it has that uniqueness and intensity that’s needed to get it noticed. Getting wide appreciation has only sped up his journey that ends at stardom, and he’s not complaining as he has given hours, days and months to figure out the best of music and present it in front of the audiences, the reason he has not missed hitting the right targets. Listeners swear by the kind of rap he presents which has that distinctive quality, including lyrics that touch hearts and connect deep within.

Though the music sphere is densely infested with the best of talents, those who offer something different always survive and thrive, gaining popularity and stardom without fail, and NASHEW is definitely going on those lines as he has proved his mettle by connecting well with the listeners which has resulted in his music career being catapulted skywards. Money Monopoly (feat. Prince Arija), is the latest single dropped by NASHEW which has also received an overwhelming response by the listeners like his earlier ones like Dreams, Monopoly, Hardcore Gang Member, Hebe Jetzt ab, and Shadows.


He is confident that this one too will hit it right, securing its place at the top like his previous ones. Here is one rap artist who believes in giving the best in each of his works, and the appreciation he gets for his work proves he’s on the right track.

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