According to reports, U.S. health officials are considering declaring monkeypox a public health emergency.  With over three-thousand confirmed cases in 45 states, the Department of Health and Human Services is considering doing that, just like the World Health Organization did last weekend.  

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Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House COVID response coordinator, says that could happen if the U.S. doesn’t get the virus under control with testing and vaccines.  


While the virus is not connected to any deaths, the strain of monkeypox implicated in the current outbreak is tied to fever, lesions and severe pain that may last for weeks. In addition, vulnerable individuals, such as pregnant women, and children can have other complications.

As of today, New York is the epicenter of America’s outbreak with more than 1000 cases. The virus is spread through physical contact. They recommend to wash clothes and fabrics that you purchase before wearing.

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