NBA star Iman Shumpert was arrested for felony weed possession in a Dallas airport earlier today, Aug. 3.

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According to TMZ, officers were alerted of a possible drug violation and responded to it around 2:40 P.M. after TSA agents confiscated a “green leafy substance” in Shumpert’s bag. The NBA star then admitted that it was weed.

Authorities say the weed weighed 6.12 ounces and Shumpert tested positive for marijuana usage.


Shumpert was set to board a Delta flight back to Los Angeles at 3 P.M., but was told by the responding officer that he would not be making his flight, and was then arrested for possession of marijuana. He was then transported to the airport jail.

The charge is classified as a “state jail felony” and if convicted, Shumpert could be looking at up to 2 years behind bars, and a $10,000 fine.

Authorities also claim that a Glock magazine and 14 9mm bullets were also found in Shumpert’s bag, even though no firearm could be found.

This story is still developing.