As previously reported, No Limit Records signee Mystikal was arrested over the weekend in Louisiana for a number of serious alleged crimes, including rape, robbery and domestic abuse. Sources close to the story are now saying that after the 52-year-old was denied a conditional release by the judge, he was placed in general population among the other inmates despite his celebrity status.

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“He didn’t show the victim any sympathy, and he won’t get any sympathy or special treatment,” said Donovan Jackson, an Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office representative. “He will be in general population and incarcerated like anyone else.” Mystikal’s attorney, Roy Maughan, said just the opposite. “We’re extremely disappointed that the judge decided he needed to hold Mr. Tyler without bond.” stated the rapper’s lawyer. “For now, all he can do is bid his time until his day in court.”

This isn’t the first time Mystikal was arrested for such a serious crime. Back in 2020, Mystikal had a first degree rape charge dropped from a 2017 accusation and was exonerated on all charges. n 2010, Mystikal was released from a Louisiana prison after serving six years for sexual battery and extortion.