Brianna Grier, who died while in police custody, has an autopsy confirmed for the reason of her death.

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Reportedly Grier, 28, was having a mental health crisis when her family called  911 for help but the police didn’t bring the ambulance with them arriving alone. 

“When they used to come out to the house they’d call an ambulance service,” Grier’s father Marvin Grier said last month to CNN. “The ambulance service would come out and they would take her to the hospital to get some help.”


According to authorities Grier died after she fell out of a patrol car in Georgia. The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office had taken her into custody before the incident.

The autopsy reveals she was killed by blunt force trauma to her head.  The doctor who conducted an autopsy commissioned by her family confirmed it yesterday.  Dr. Allecia Wilson from the University of Michigan was asked by Grier’s family to conduct the review.  Grier fell from the moving vehicle and later died on July 21 after being in a coma for several days.

 Authorities previously revealed a rear door of the cruiser was never closed and she was placed in the backseat without a seat belt during her arrest.  Grier allegedly fell out of the car after a deputy drove a short distance.  

Acting representation for the family and civil rights attorney Ben Crump shared they were still seeking answers as to why Grier wasn’t secured in the patrol car with a seat belt and call for the release of any other body camera footage from that night.

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