With the insanely talented artist James Trend, nothing, or any place, will stop him from doing what he loves. He experiments with creating art underwater, on mountains, while snowboarding, or on the beach. Discover James Trend Designs LLC. With over 18 years of dedicated work, James Trend is a professional fine artist whose main source of income is his paintings. Additionally, he creates murals, commercial art, and digital art, as well as personal commissions.

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Originally from Westchester, New York, James is based in Boca Raton, Florida, and has turned his passion into a full-time career. As a result, he has the freedom to create whatever he wants whenever he wants from anywhere in the world. Despite people’s doubts, James has successfully made a career out of painting. Founded in 2013, James Trend Designs LLC is a thriving business that employs five very talented individuals who provide a wide range of services within the fine arts industry, from selling original art commissions to individuals, to murals for businesses, to custom clothing and art leasing.

In September 2022, James will hold his first solo art exhibition in Delray Beach where he will unveil his new Fine Art series, titled “The Floral Collection.” He will also reveal his new NFT collection. James is excited to showcase his work and live his dream. He affirms his recent successes are due to his statement, “I believe it takes a high level of perseverance, determination, self-awareness, strong work ethic, kindness, selflessness, and most importantly, an unwavering belief that you deserve the success that you crave.”


James wasn’t always a full-time artist. His teachers and close friends constantly told him growing up that he could never make a living or make any real money as a canvas artist. Despite his doubts, he relied on his gut and chased his dreams for almost 18 years. It is so important to surround yourself with the right people, he says. He also mentions, “If you have an idea that you truly think is a good idea, never give up on it. The only person that will stop you from achieving everything you want is you.” He thanks his Dad for being his biggest inspiration. He is the hardest worker he knows, and showed him that he could achieve anything if he committed and worked hard.

The young talented artist has a lot to look forward to. James expects to open his own galleries in Delray Beach, Florida, Vail, Colorado, and other places around the country within the next few years. He will have a multi-million dollar art business, while he also continues to build his multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.Keep up with James Trend and follow him on Instagram. Also, check out his website to see more of his work!