King Von’s estate releases the video for “Get It Done” feat. OMB Peezy, a standout track off his posthumous album What It Means To Be King, in honor of his 28th birthday.

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In the video, Von and Peezy meet together as their potential attackers watch. Before the would-be assailants can act, Von and Peezy speed off in a Maserati with bundles of cash in hand. They end up mobbing in a remote region while issuing dire threats about what will happen to anyone who crosses them. The bars are spoken over Chopsquad DJ, a regular producer, and collaborator with Von.

Von rose to prominence as one of the game’s top storytellers in less than three years after he began his rap career. What It Means To Be King, a deserving follow-up to Von’s Welcome To O’Block-certified GOLD debut, left a huge impression when it made its release in March and peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200.


You can see the full video below.