My True Crime Story, the documentary series hosted by rapper and actress Remy Ma, will return to VH1 on Monday, August 29, at 10 PM ET/PT.

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The eight-part television series follows regular people who become involved in extreme, illegal actions like drug trafficking, steroid manufacture, forgery, and jewelry theft.

Each of the stories is presented in the first person by the people who experienced it and is narrated by host Remy Ma. As each character tells their improbable and scandalous tale, the series sheds light on their ascent, collapse, and redemption.


“I’m so excited for the return of ‘My True Crime Story’ because we get another opportunity to share first-hand experiences as well as stories of redemption,” said Remy Ma. “I’m looking forward for viewers to be able to relate, learn and grow as they watch this new season.”

Eric Evangelista, Shannon Evangelista, Astral Finnie, and Lamonda Williams serve as executive producers for My True Crime Story, which Hot Snakes Media is putting out for VH1. Jubba Seyyid, Melissa Tallerine, and Todd Radnitz are internal executive producers for VH1.