Chance the Rapper is currently getting fans ready for his new album, Star Line Gallery. During an appearance on Sway in the Morning, Chano revealed the title is inspired by Marcus Garvey.

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“I was inspired by Marcus Garvey in the early 1900s, 1919 through actually 1922, so 100 years ago now,” Chance said. “He started and ran this very important, integral shipping line. He had a fleet of ships, these giant ocean liners which are the size of cruise ships, that he owned and funded with common Black folks’ money.

“He created a trade route between the United States, all of the Black islands and the continent of Africa, and that created a network of people where people from all over the world were interconnected and working with each other and taking trips together.”


The Chicago legend is currently in the middle of a press run. During a visit to The Breakfast Club, Chance told the trio of Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy that the talks of a falloff don’t phase him.

“To me it’s like, I could do one of two things: I could either agree with it or I could live my life,” Chance the Rapper said. “If I agree with it, then that means ‘The Breakfast Club’ fell off, cause y’all don’t have people that fell off sitting in your chair I don’t think, usually. And so I feel like I gotta stay on my path.”

He added, “Niggas was saying I fell off when I was in high school. Niggas was telling me in high school, ‘Your last tape was better.’ Niggaa, I’m 15! I can joke about it, but it is tough, but it’s like, I don’t know, what can I say? Tell people that my feelings are hurt?”

Chance is showing that he hasn’t fallen off in his new release, “Highs & Lows,” with Joey Bada$$. If you have yet to tap into that release, it’s available below.

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