Rolling Loud announces LoudPunx, a new Rolling Loud NFT software with unmatched usability, demonstrating their commitment to the future. “LoudPunx” is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that grants holders free access to every Rolling Loud festival worldwide for life. It is named after the “Punx” statues that decorate the grounds at each Rolling Loud festival. Additionally, “LoudPunx” holders get a generative PFP image and priority access to future Rolling Loud Metaverse and Web3 projects, among many other advantages.

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LoudPunx is a grouping of 10,000 NFTs with utility capabilities. “LoudPunx” NFTs are the key to a variety of special experiences, offering much more than simply a distinctive profile picture and NFT ownership. Holders of “LoudPunx” have access to a private “LoudPunx” lounge at some events as well as their own, considerably shorter will call line at each festival’s entry. By gaining entry to a token-gated Discord that promises exclusive interviews and AMAs with hip-hop luminaries as well as LoudPunx-specific product collaborations with top brands, “LoudPunx” unlocks tiers of the Rolling Loud experience outside of the festivals.

During a busy year for the music festival, Rolling Loud promotes “LoudPunx,” promising two American festivals and three overseas events. The festival’s crown jewel, Rolling Loud Miami, made a huge impression in July with performances from several of the most popular rap stars, as well as headliners Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, and Future. With Rolling Loud New York 2022, which features headliners Future, A$AP Rocky, and Nicki Minaj, Rolling Loud makes a triumphant return to the Big Apple this fall.


This year, Rolling Loud expands its brand internationally by holding its first-ever festivals in Canada and Europe. Rolling Loud presents the inaugural Rolling Loud Toronto in September, including a diverse group of A-list performers from around the world, including the headliner acts Future, WizKid, and Dave. With Rolling Loud Portugal and Rolling Loud x WOO HAH! Fest in the Netherlands, Rolling Loud hosted two international events this summer. It also has intentions to expand to Thailand the following year.

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