Judge Greg Mathis heard Irv Gotti’s story about Ashanti, and he thinks the “Baby” singer should seek legal action.

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Irv Gotti is letting all of his feelings and the secrets about him and Ashanti out. As reported, Irv and Ja Rule pulled up to Drink Champs. During his appearance, he spoke at length about Ashanti.

During the conversation with DJ EFN and N.O.R.E., Irv revealed Ashanti’s single “Happy” was the product of the two having sex.

“Let me explain the relationship and how it worked, and how it worked to our advantage,” Gotti said. “We just finished sleeping together, or whatever, I’m taking a shower. I’m in the shower, a nigga be creative after [sex]. I think of the whole track in the shower.”

Gotti said afterward he called producer Chink Santana to create the beat and then tapped back in with Ashanti to craft the lyrics. “That record came about ’cause of our energy,” Gotti said.

TMZ caught up with Judge Mathis in New York City and he stated Ashanti should send a cease-and-desist or go to court for a gag order.


You can hear the full conversation on Drink Champs and Judge Mathis’ opinion below.