The NBA will not schedule any games on Election Day. Instead of promoting a matchup featuring LeBron James or Stephen Curry, the league will promote voting and sound off on the need for civic engagement.

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The NBA schedule will be announced on Wednesday (Aug. 17), but according to NBC News correspondent Shaquille Brewster, Election Day (Nov. 8) will be vacant. The league sees the date as an opportunity to leverage its influence on voter participation.

“We don’t usually change the schedule for an external event,” James Cadogan, the Executive Director of the National Basketball Social Justice Coalition, said to NBC News. “But voting and Election Day are obviously unique and incredibly important to our democracy.”


The day before, all 30 teams will compete with the hometeam hosting an election-based themed fan night.

In 2020, the NBA transitioned 23 arenas and facilities into polling places for the election, an effort that will be replicated for this year’s Election Day.

You can learn more about NBA’s Election Day efforts here.