It’s crazy to think that Drake and Meek Mill have the friendship they have today after their beef in 2015. Drake won the beef, even after Meek responded, with the track “Back to Back” where he basically told Meek that he was playing second fiddle in his then relationship with Nicki Minaj. In a new interview with Rory and Mal, Drama said that he thinks both Drake and Meek “did something wrong” during their beef.

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“Listen, everybody did something wrong, everybody,” DJ Drama said. “Quentin did something wrong, DJ Drama did something wrong, Drake did something wrong, Meek Mill did something wrong, Nicki Minaj did something wrong, like everybody played a role.”

He continued: “We can sit here today and talk about it. Listen, everyone I named, I love y’all to death. I hope no one takes this the wrong way again. It’s water under the bridge, it went down. It was a Hip Hop moment, like it’s Hip Hop history. Those guys have gotten to tell their true sides of their stories.”


The beef between Drake and Meek started after Meek called Drake out on Twitter for not helping promote his second studio album Dreams Worth More Than Money. Meek accused Drake of not writing his own lyrics. He then revealed that it was Quentin Miller who was writing Drake’s music, and went on to release audio of reference tracks from “10 Bands”, “Used To”, “Know Yourself” and Drizzy’s guest verse on “R.I.C.O. Drake would respond with “Charged Up,” and then when Meek failed to respond, Drake dropped “Back to Back.”

DJ Drama was involved in the beef after rumors spread that he gave Meek the leaked reference tracks in retaliation for Drake sleeping with his ex-wife Summer P Walker.

Since then, the Generation Now founder and Drake have made amends, with Drake featuring on Jack Harlow’s “Churchill Downs” and appearing alongside him in the music video.

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