A witness in the Young Thug RICO case has been placed in protective custody after a court document was leaked online stating that the witness planned to testify against YSL leader.

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According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Fulton County prosecutor Don Geary asked the judge presiding over the case to “further restrict the disclosure of certain evidence” ahead of Young Thug’s case. Geary said that a document was leaked which put the safety of one of the people testifying against Young Thug in jeopardy.

“We found a lot of information concerning one of our witnesses on basically a (celebrity news) outlet,” Geary told the judge.


On Monday, Fulton County D.A. filed a motion to order attorneys not to share discovery material with anyone outside their defendants’ legal teams. She added that her office had recently shared their discovery evidence with attorneys including “the names of all lay witnesses (and) cooperating YSL associates that will be called to testify in this case.” She then added that since then, the evidence that they shared has made its way onto the internet.

“Since the date of those filings, however, information from the state’s discovery material has appeared on public websites,” Willis’s motion stated. She added, “as a result, the state now has grave concerns about the safety of that named witness and other potential witnesses in this trial.”

However, one of Gunna’s attorneys, Kristen Novay, quesitoned if the information was actually leaked and is asking for proof that the witnesses are actually being threatened.

“We want to know what specific threats there are,” Novay said. “There have been many allegations that there are threats to witnesses, and to date we have received no discovery, not a single shred of evidence from a witness who was actually threatened.”