During their appearance on Drink Champs, Irv Gotti and Ja Rule recall going to see a Houston Rockets game when they took on the Golden State Warriors.

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The Rockets were led by Murder Inc’s friend Steve Francis, and a rookie Gilbert Arenas was on the other side. During the game, Irv and Ja put up $175,000 on the Rockets to cover the game spread. They would end up losing the bet after Arenas tossed up a meaningless half-court three that went in, and the Rockets would not cover.

Sitting with Vlad TV, Arenas recalls the moment, citing the faces of the Murder Inc guys was enough to give him a personal win.


“I could see the disappointment in their face,” Arenas said. “I won. I won the game. We’re going back to the locker room, and I’m sitting there like, ‘Yeah, I hurt somebody’s feelings today.'”

He added, “I didn’t know how much money they had on the game. I didn’t really know it was about betting, but I knew I hurt [Gotti’s] feelings. I knew I hurt his feelings. He was disappointed even though they won. He was disappointed, so that means I won.”

What made Arenas pull the meaningless shot? A heckling Ja Rule. You can hear it from Agent Zero below.