Triple Threat Online: Co-Op, all-new cards and incentives, as well as the removal of contracts, are just a few of the new features and enhancements that 2K today unveiled for NBA® 2K23’s MyTEAM. Additionally, the $250,000 MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament*, which features two tracks for Playstation® 4 and Xbox One consoles and Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles, is back for gamers to participate in.

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“We’ve implemented a number of highly requested changes to MyTEAM this year that were top of mind for our community, including the removal of contracts, along with the addition of Triple Threat Online: Co-Op that allows players to team up with friends for the first time ever to test their skills in Co-Op 3v3 online gameplay”, said Erick Boenisch, VP of NBA Development at 2K and Visual Concepts. “We expect to see some exciting match-ups with the return of our annual $250,000 MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament as the best NBA 2K players go head-to-head to prove their skills on the virtual court!”  

Highlights in this year’s MyTEAM include the Triple Threat Online: Co-Op, Unlimited, MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament, and more. You can read details on each of the new components here via the Courtside Report mode and see images of the MyTEAM mode below.