Leave it to Drake to keep us on our toes, whether he is dabbling with a new music genre or a new hairstyle he clearly doesn’t mind shaking things up and doing something new.  After wearing cornrows for over a year, Drizzy went on Instagram on Thursday to show off his newest look the slick back with a caption that says “Other than myself…everything has changed.”

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And then a series of posts while gambling in the casino including a video of him getting his hair rinsed in a shampoo bowl by a hair stylist with Creme of Nature Argan Oil Conditioner and Shampoo (Yes we checked the bottle) while making jokes about his hair being rinsed out and the water temperature being lukewarm with a caption asking his friends to “Give this guy a name?”   His famous friends and some of his 120 Million fans waisted no time clowning,  Quavo of the Migos joked “RAZOR AUBREY RAMONE 🪒 aka SCOTT HALL, While Kaashpaige went in with “Wolf of 6 street 😂😮‍💨” and  Lionel Drizzy!

This isn’t the first time the history-making artist’s hair was the topic of discussion, Remember when the “Certified Lover Boy” gave us the heart-shaped haircut that he debuted in 2020?  Had all of us cut and braiding heart shapes in our heads girls, kids, and guys alike? We couldn’t stop reading the comments here are a few of our favorites.


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