Last week, YG hosted a VIP private dinner at the Warehouse Downtown in Los Angeles, California, to kick off the revival of the 4Hunnid brand. Zack Bia, Guapdad4000, Chiquis, Boo Johnson, Coco Jones, and Emily Tosta were just a handful of the attendees.

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With Drop I, YG, best known for his contagious, Mustard-produced, party-ready songs and candid accounts of life in Compton, proudly revives the 4Hunnid brand. Similar to how the Compton culture influences his music, way of life, and daily morality, so is the 4Hunnid brand. The 4Hunnid line, featuring T-shirt 4H GANGSTA SS logos that represent the “real street definition” of a gangster, is ingrained in YG’s DNA.


Instead of capturing the spirit of streetwear, the 4Hunnid collection honestly reinvents it. The goods are entirely cut, stitched, and built in Los Angeles, California, with prices ranging from $60 to $180. The line combines individually customized and modern boxy fits and is made of high-quality, heavy-weight fabrications. The BLOCK RUNNER, a classic wardrobe item from Los Angeles, is recreated in the collection using only 100% genuine leather and a flame-shaped emblem sewn onto the side panels.


You can check out the pieces and event photos below. The collection is available at

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