Regina Hall has been quite active since we saw her co-hosting the 2022 Oscars. Her latest project is the comedy/satire Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul, (Sept. 2 on Peacock), which premieres in theaters this weekend.  The 51-year-old comedian, plays Trinitie Childs, the first lady of a megachurch, who’s husband is Sterling K. Brown, who plays pastor Lee-Curtis Childs. Hall’s character supports her husband and the church as they rebrand after being involved in a scandal that upsets their congregation.

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 The famed actor and director who is known for her roles in Black Monday, Girls Trip, the Best Man and cult classic Scary Movie franchise recently partnered with CÎROC for #CIROCStands for Black Businesses at the 20th annual Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival. A mission that highlights effort and ongoing commitment to celebrate the powerful voices and people within the Black community that are depicting excellence and igniting change.

The DC native and Me Time (Aug. 26 on Netflix), cast member who also stars in the limited series, The Best Man: The Final Chapters (Dec. 22 on Peacock), spoke with Kim SoMajor of The Source and dished on her new partnership with #CIROCStands, having ownership in Hollywood, starting her production company Rh Negative and more.


 What sparked you to take on your latest film project, “Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.” 

I really enjoyed the script when I read it and then I met with Adamma and Adanne and although they were young, I had seen their short film and knew they had a vision for what they had in mind. I hadn’t worked with Sterling before so when he joined, I was excited to work with him and couldn’t imagine creating these characters with anyone else.

 What’s your role and intention set to accomplish with your partnership with CÎROC?

 As a Black woman, I of course support female, Black owned businesses which is part of why I appreciate what #CIROCStands is accomplishing for the community. It’s that shared mission that drew me to them. Being at Martha’s Vineyard and being on a panel with such amazing women was truly inspiring. There’s such a rich history and roots in the culture there and I loved celebrating that!

How does the association align with everything that you’re doing as a businesswoman?

 Like #CIROCStands, I believe it’s important to highlight people of different backgrounds. There are smart, talented people from varied pasts and to find them and give them a space to create and tell really good stories is part of why I was inspired to start producing.

As a business owner, starting Rh Negative production company- What has been a definitive moment for you that reaffirmed that you made the right move in launching?

 Producing is a process that involves many people and I love the sense of collaboration involved in developing a project from beginning to end. It brings me joy every time I’m able to facilitate the success of a project and enable other people’s dreams coming true.

With your production company, you are providing an opportunity for many creatives. How important is it for black women to have ownership in Hollywood or entertainment in general?

We live in a diverse world and it’s important that diversity be seen on screen, which means it must exist behind the scenes. Everyone has different life experiences, and that varied history creates well-informed decisions that positively influence each project and inherently the industry as a whole.

How did you know that was the next move for you?

I’ve wanted to produce for several years. I felt like I had worked and gotten to a place where I had enough knowledge to be able to produce. It wasn’t an overnight thing, despite what people think, it took years, hard work, and a will for it to happen.

Can you share 5 tips on balancing a successful entrepreneurial lifestyle and home life of wellness?

More of a balance is always the goal, although it’s not always easy. I would say what helps me is good friends, an incredible team, fun, rest, and a quiet place where my imagination can roam.

What’s in store for you in the last quarter of 2022?

 We’re of course excited for Honk for Jesus to be released and then we have The Best Man coming out just in time for the holidays! Then a few other things that are soon to be announced. I work with two organizations called Scleroderma Research Foundation and Solutions Project and hope to partner with them on a few things too.

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