Now Entertainment began as an idea between two friends Tony M Fountain aka TMF Precha & Trenton Henderson, aka Kryke Kooly, back in the summer of 2011. While accompanying Tony on his janitorial gig at the local bank, the two took a break in the empty bank to discuss starting a label. The idea was brought on after Tony faced possible job loss after a bank employee accused him of stealing money from her desk (later, it was discovered she had misplaced it under some files she tossed in the trash). Kooly was also unemployed at the time and living with Tony.

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Shortly after that, the label was established and produced several singles from local acts, including “Alphabet” by Silly Slim &” All I” by Kooly himself. Even Tony himself released a few singles as well such as “Let go” featuring his nephew.

But it was short-lived as the two clashed on the label’s direction while Kooly and Tony were going through issues with their baby mamas, money, and drug issues. Also, artist Silly Slim’s brother passed away while in custody, and his focus turned to justice for his late brother.


Ultimately Kooly went on to rehab and moved across the country to California, while Tony became a truck driver and single father. As the two grew, distant Kooly moved on to work with Guap Records, a label established by football star Bud Dupree that has produced acts such as PAP Chanel, while Tony carried on with Now Entertainment.

During the beginning stages of Now Entertainment, Tony created a blog on the label’s website. The idea was to provide a platform for other independent artists to gain publicity, as some other hip-hop blogs mainly reported on trending topics and superstars. He decided to focus more on that side of the company as it was growing in popularity. He also learned so much from all the other indie artists he worked with so much that he wrote a book about some of those things after helping several artists grow their careers, such as Shotgun Shane, Nino Brown, and many others.

In 2019 the company announced via an article in Respect magazine that an artist by the name of Christian Vind, that had been writing articles for Tony, was going to take over as the editor and chief of the magazine, but that took a turn in a different direction after Vind became a father and decided to abruptly end his career in music and journalism and focus more on family life.

In 2020 the magazine’s website was hacked after several previous failed attempts, and Tony had to restart from scratch after the website and Facebook page was hijacked.

To date, the magazine has reported on artists such as DAX, Trippie Redd, Nolay, and many others. To learn more about the company visit their Instagram & Twitter profile.