With the 2022 NFL season under a week away, Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson inked a new five years extension that is worth $245 million. $165 million of the new contract is guaranteed.

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The new contract is the third-most lucrative contract in NFL history, only trailing deals for DeShaun Watson at $230 million and Kyler Murray at $189.5 million.

“I came here knowing I was going to be ready to play on these two years [left on his contract],” Wilson said to ESPN. “I think to be able to get this done before the season, to have it all done, is just a blessing. And it allows us all to be excited.


“It’s so important to me … to me what’s about is to be able to win championships and have enough space on the salary cap so George can work his magic and we can get guys like Randy Gregory … and other great players. We want to make this a destination location.”

After the news broke, Ciara tweeted in celebration of her husband, stating she is “excited for the journey ahead!”

She also tweeted, “Baby @DangeRussWilson, I am so proud of you! You’re the most dedicated and hardworking person I know! It’s been so beautiful to see you become a Bronco!”