Nike has introduced Nike Forward, a new innovation platform that will prioritize revolutionizing apparel creation. Climate change has been cited as a barrier to the sport by athletes all over the world, and Nike is tackling this issue head-on with Nike Forward, the brand’s most important clothing innovation since Dri-Fit.

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By hacking punch-needle machines to produce luxury, environmentally conscious goods, Forward revolutionizes the textile manufacturing industry. The first-generation Forward material considerably reduces the carbon footprint compared to standard knit fleece used by Nike, redefining how we think about fleece. On average, the carbon footprint of the new platform is reduced by 75%.

“Nike Forward feels different because it is different. It is not a traditional knit or woven, but a completely new material that drastically reduces its carbon footprint,” says Carmen Zolman, VP Innovation Apparel Design, NIKE, Inc.


The grey hoodie, a classic silhouette, makes its Nike Forward debut. As part of its commitment to sustainability, the hoodie forgoes decorations and colors in favor of raw cut pockets and waterless production.

“It’s game-changing platforms, like Nike Forward, that accelerate a culture of innovation at Nike to help protect the planet and the future of sport,” says Janett Nichol, VP of Apparel Innovation, NIKE, Inc.

You can learn more about Nike Forward here ahead of its Sept. 15 launch.

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