While his infamous family has been in the spotlight, Iman Shumpert, has been preparing for the release of his anticipated first studio album “This Car Ain’t Stolen”. Initially set to release the summer of 2020, #TCAS has been magic in the making. Known for reciting the phrase “We Own It”, Iman. doesn’t only take pride in the album, it’s the first project to drop on his own record label, “A Sinners Peace Records”.

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The sixteen-track album is a story Iman has been ready to tell for quite some time. The album is produced by “Hey Samyr” who worked with artists like Rick Ross, Jada Kiss and DeRay Davis.

“Iman. is very versatile and has a record for everyone. Be prepared to hear different sides of him throughout his album. He is very lyrical and his bars always include a double entendre.”- Hey Samyr.


His summer single off the album, “Drop Ya Glasses” is a remix to Eve’s familiar “Blow Your Mind” track w/ Gwen Stefani and is a smooth addition to the track list. “Should Be Dead”, is a personal track that explains a story close to his heart, reminiscing on a near death experience filled with dope lyrics and a hype flow. Another hitter is “Prada”, an ode to celebration of self and fly fashion.

“This Car Ain’t Stolen” is about OWNERSHIP. Owning your art, Owning your voice, Ownership. No matter the age nor the type of vehicle, being classified “Black” we are constantly reminded that we as a race are seen as unworthy and a danger to those around us. For a long time I struggled with the science of how normalized that was and how I became desensitized to seeing it. My older self sees this all as a game, a game we plan to win. They literally put the most dangerous one behind the controller and now I got control. When people listen to this, I want them to understand this is not the basketball version of my mother’s son. But this is “Mani” that never knew if he’d ever make it. PLAY TO WIN. DRIVE SAFE. THIS🚙❌STOLEN”

– Iman. #TCAS

“This Car Ain’t Stolen” is available on all platforms.
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-written by Chasity Cox