Intelligent Diva has released her latest ep “ Stop Calling  Me’, which features her latest single Stop Calling Me which is currently #19 on the Top 50 Rock Airplay Chart. She’s a music artist who believes in diversity in her music and writes and performs music as a passion. Her Ep starts off with leading a skit of where she plays a DJ. Intelligent Diva tells us when she was a kid, she had a passion for listening to records.  She and her friends would come up with their own remixes to their favorite songs. As a music artist, she gives credit to radio for getting her music heard across the county. She got her first big break in the UK and wanted to cross over by grabbing an audience in the US. 

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In alignment with arranging skits for her Ep, she decided that she would tell her story and release it as a musical audiobook which will be called Music Is Art. Another single from the EP “Stop Calling Me “ is her single “Bad Attitude which has recently just landed on the DRT Top 150 Independent Charts. 

As a 3x Billboard Artist with the hit singles “Baby I Love You”, which went #1 for two consecutive weeks, “Sinner’s Prayer which went #21, and her hit single User which was #4 all due to radio airplay, the artist says that the next steps after the audiobook are to take a step back to focus on the products which connected to her brand. 


She wants to build a platform and manage artists to teach them more about understanding they are more than just music artists. They are entrepreneurs. Her online shopping store IDM Merch Boutique which features her very own brands Intelligent Diva Music, Diva Underground Records and personalized NFT collections will move to sell on larger platforms such as Amazon and eBay. The music artist and CEO is expanding her merchandise boutique which includes her very own physical merchandise of original NFTs based on her. Not to mention, she’s building her very own music metaverse. Her very own virtual stage has been created to host performances, and talk shows. As well as her launching her very own video games which will include her own music. 

She’s definitely a music artist who doesn’t want to be kept inside of a box and has constantly delivered this with her music. As a music artist, she appreciates all of the support she has received as she continues to enjoy making music. We can understand why she doesn’t want anyone killing her vibe with a Bad Attitude around her because she’s staying positive and making moves. 

You can check out her ep Stop Calling Me on all streaming platforms. If you would like to check out a preview of the ep, you can check out the singles on apple music. The links are below. The EP is on all streaming platforms,

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