Ever felt like no one cares? You’re not alone in feeling that way. As a matter of fact, three artists from three completely different worlds combined styles on an Alternative Rap beat to express what you may often think.

What is Alternative Rap? Alternative Rap is a subgenre of Hip-Hop that has been influenced by Indie, Punk and other types of Rock. It’s usually characterized by experimental beats and lyrics. The song we’re talking about is to no surprise named “No One Cares” and is pretty much the definition of an Alternative Rap beat. When heard, it makes you think, is this even Rap? What is this? It’s Sunset Capone. That’s what it is and he brought some heavy hitters in to deliver the message loud and clear over the beat he produced.

Sunset Capone AKA Sunny is an Alternative Rap artist from the Tri-State Area with 10+ years industry experience who has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last few years. The main reason for this is that he has been able to combine his love for music and his love for helping people. When Sunny produced the beat for “No One Cares” nearly two years ago, he knew he didn’t want to release it until he had the right artists and message to deliver this masterpiece. He wanted to connect with those that feel the same as him and he knew he had to wait in order to do it right. Over the two years sitting on the back burner, he crafted the chorus and main theme to the song based on personal experience.

This song revolves around the feelings of loneliness and abandonment that everyone has felt at some point in their lives. Most of us have something in common – we want to feel loved and cared for. When we don’t get that, it can be devastating. Sometimes we are let down so much that some of us develop a fear to even be happy. The fear of being happy can be just as painful as a broken heart, because it’s not about our own happiness anymore. It’s about the fear of abandonment and being left alone again. That’s where the chorus comes from, people often saying “they will” to things but then they don’t.

The song opens sounding similar to other modern vibes out there until the chorus hits, all of a sudden guitars just drop heavy and smash everything full force. By the time you think you know where the song is going, SpaceMan Zack pulls you out of the atmosphere into his world. Known as a prominent artist in the Alternative Rap scene, SpaceMan Zack delivers a verse that lives up to the hype. You can almost catch a glimpse of the inner workings of his mind with every bar of his verse.

When the song transitions to the next verse you get an entirely different flow, one that is straightforward and raw, that is Hoyamanban AKA Hoya. Hoya delivers lyrics straight from the heart and doesn’t let up. Anyone who hears this verse should completely understand that this is a person who has been through countless amounts of heartbreak and depression. The things he says and the way he says them are not something that an average person would express.

There’s depth to them beyond the words and he wraps them all up in his own style crafted from years of experience in the Boom Bap world.

“No One Cares” is a perfect example of how the genre has been evolving. The lyrics are different, the flows are different, and the sound is different. The artists on the song are next level and we should all give Sunny a chance because his music speaks to us on a personal level. He’s not afraid to be himself and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about him.