Bleu has released his anticipated new song, “Love in the Way,” which features Nicki Minaj. The song is the first time the two artists have worked together and blends Minaj’s emotive lyrics and Bleu’s slick, velvety vocals on the upbeat track.

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Last week, Bleu let his fans and followers know the value of hard work. Hitting Instagram, the young star released a video handling business on a private jet that he now owns, letting people know anything is possible.

“It took me 10 hard years to get here,” Bleu wrote. “We’re can I start. I used to day dream all day when I lived with my mama. I used to tell people everyday Ima be successful. Some people believed some didn’t. I just Kept going ! On my road to success I fell off bout 4 r 5 times . Lost Alotta loved ones . Gave away Alotta money blowed a lot to . But I dnt regret !”


He added, “IM PROUD OF MYSELF ! U A FUCKING BEAT. I not even owning a car to owning a plane! I couldn’t afford to buy Corbin diapers now to owning my own private jet.”