While most artists are rocking the short diamond Cuban link chains, recording artist C.Titus is doing the opposite. He has replaced traditional Hip-Hop attire with Ledger and if you check out his latest flick you can understand why. The year is 2026 and C.Titus is here to show us his version of the world in four years and how the digital scenes will be more effective and impactful than we think now.

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C.Titus has matured and is focusing heavily on his feature. Upholding accountabilities for his actions as they determine his character and preparing for later, C.Titus wants fans and newcomers to know and understand him; the new him. From overcoming hard childhood and teen years, C.Titus is here to show it’s never too late to fulfill your dreams and never stop doing what you love for anybody. Without a doubt that West Coast MC, C.Titus has definitely grown up and is sticking with his plan with music and the digital lane. In his unreleased music video “DLT”, which stands for Distributed, Ledger, Technology, C.Titus shows us with his new flick how he has tapped into the Bitcoin world. The Oakland artist raps about digital assets and monetization as he oversees the Tribune while he is on the adventure to bust a move, a digital move.