King Palm prides itself on their natural smoking products. They’ve always been committed to selling palm wraps and pre-rolled cones that bring nature back into the cannabis experience. Soon, you will be able to buy 100% all-natural hemp rolling papers from this highly rated brand. Flavored rolling papers will be among the new products.

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The company recently launched its hemp cones and has received many positive reviews from happy customers.  When you inhale flavored hemp cones or rolling papers, you enjoy a flavor that perfectly compliments your favorite flower strain. 

The hemp cones sold out almost instantly in their online store. It didn’t take long for King Palm to start perfecting the perfect hemp-flavored rolling papers to satisfy their fans. Hemp rolling papers are the most popular for joints and provide a smooth cannabis smoking experience.


Many of their hemp rolling paper reviews praise the smoothness from their smoke session and slow even burn. They researched other rolling papers from brands like RAW and Zig Zags to create the best product.

This research and hard work resulted in King Palm’s new premium joint papers. They’re bound to satisfy your cannabis rolling needs while providing a natural alternative to paper options on the market from other brands.

Raw Papers vs King Palm Rolling Joint Papers

best joint papers

King Palm’s hemp rolling papers are making a huge splash in the industry. The joint papers are brand new, but cannabis news outlets online have posted reviews of the company’s similar hemp cones, which gives you an idea of the quality. recently highlighted King Palm’s hemp cones in a piece comparing them to RAW’s hemp cones. The results? Their team thought King Palm’s products provided a better experience than RAW’s cones.

RAW only offers their hemp cones in an unflavored variety. King Palm also has natural cones, but they’ve also changed the game by offering flavored options.

King Palm’s hemp cone flavors include:

  • Blueberry Burst
  • Watermelon Diesel
  • Banana Rama
  • Mango Maui
  • Lemon Loud
  • Russian Cream
  • Banana Foster
  • California Cream
  • Honey Berry
  • Lil Lemon
  • Money Mango

The article highlights the issues with RAW’s rolling papers in negative reviews. Customers said RAW’s cones burn unevenly, making it difficult to enjoy their blunts. Quality control was an issue, and filter tips regularly fell off. Even worse, some customers complained that RAW’s hemp cones burned their throats! 

King Palm knew they wanted to create cones and flavored rolling papers to beat RAW’s products. They worked tirelessly to perfect their design, flavor, and paper quality, so they would be the ultimate hemp rolling paper supplier.

The company’s flavored rolling papers and cones have eliminated all the issues that customers had with RAW’s hemp cones, so you know you’re getting the best experience on the market.

Flavored Rolling Papers

flavored rolling papers
flavored rolling papers

Smoking using a flavored joint paper completely changes your experience. The taste of the rolling paper mingles with the strong taste of the cannabis, creating a unique burst of flavor in every draw.

All the flavored rolling papers are made from 100% natural hemp, so you always know exactly what you’re inhaling. They’re better for your lungs, because some regular rolling papers emit carcinogens. King Palm’s flavored joint papers are a safe alternative that tastes great, too!

When companies use hemp to make their products, they’re also helping the environment.  Hemp uses carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to grow, which purifies the air. Hemp is even more effective at filtering the air than trees!

King Palm’s hemp rolling papers come in a wide variety of flavors, including:

  • Banana
  • Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Red Apple
  • Natural
  • Natural King Size

Picking just one flavor is challenging, so many customers try a few different options before deciding on their favorite or keep multiple types to change their smoking routine.

If you’re used to regular rolling papers, it can be hard to use the options sold by other brands. They’re much stronger, making rolling a joint more difficult.

King Palm addressed this problem by creating flavored rolling papers that are much more pliable. You’ll get the hang of using them in no time!

Some companies also lie about their wrapping papers being made of hemp and selling products made of other materials. When you buy King Palm flavored wrapping papers, you can be assured that you’re getting the real thing.


Hemp wrapping papers can be more expensive than other options on the market. King Palm has worked hard to keep its prices low, so everyone can enjoy this innovation.

The prices are:

  • 1 ¼ inch flavored rolling papers for $1.50
  • King flavored rolling papers for $2.50

King Palm’s hemp rolling papers are always made from high-quality materials. In this case, low prices do not necessarily mean a dip in quality. .

King Palm flavored rolling papers are out now! You can choose your favorite flavor or pick a few to try out. Since they’re so inexpensive, there’s no reason not to!

Don’t forget their Natural-flavored joint papers. If you prefer to highlight the taste of your cannabis exclusively, they’re the perfect option for you.

Plus, if you prefer large joints, you can buy our King rolling papers, which will make a blunt that can last several rotations around your smoking circle.

You’ll love King Palm’s flavored hemp joint papers just as much as we did, and the natural aspect puts this product over the top. If you want a flavored hemp rolling paper, there’s no better option on the market now than King Palm. They also carry bulk pre-rolled cones for dispensaries and smoke shops.