Real public safety solutions are highlighted in videos produced by REFORM Alliance, Galaxy Gives, and NowThis, the most reliable news outlet for young audiences. John Legend, a Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, is featured in the latest installment in the associated material released today.

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John Legend discusses reinventing probation and parole in the US in the video interview with NowThis. He notably cites California as an example of a state that has made financial investments in local communities after Prop 47 was approved by voters. Since its passage, it has reduced incarceration by more than 20,000 individuals annually and invested more than $6 million in community safety initiatives in California from the state’s prison budget. He ends the film by suggesting how public safety would improve if other states invested money in their communities.

In the coming months, NowThis will continue to provide a steady stream of educational and entertaining content that explores some of the human factors that contribute to crime and identifies practical ways for resolving these problems.