DJ Envy was tracked down by TMZ in the airport and asked about the rash of theft and violence surrounding rappers and their jewelry. Envy advised all rappers to have some level of protection.

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“When I do move with my jewelry, I move with protection,” Envy said. “Protection could be security, it could be self-protection or it could be just making sure I’m safe. When I do move in certain places, I leave my stuff at home. I got six kids and a wife, and I want to make sure I make it back to them.”

He added, “All this senseless killing over a watch is nothing. You took this man’s jewelry, and you will spend the rest of your days in jail. Most days it’s just my wedding band on.”


DJ Envy would go on to state that rappers aren’t the only target and businessmen and women are also on the block, citing everybody should be safe.

You can hear Envy below.