Rick Ross was asking about where he could get Jeffrey Dahmer’s glasses. He now has an answer. According to Taylor James of Cult Collectibles in Vancouver, Canada, the glasses are going up for sale.

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Hypebeast notes Taylor James acquired the glasses and additional items owned by Dahmer from the former housekeeper of Dahmer’s father. Included in those items are cutlery, a bible, family photos, and paperwork.

James is now managing the sale of those items, and can contact him directly. The glasses that Dahmer wore in prison are now going up for sale at $150,000.


Dahmer has become a hot topic in music lately, fueled by his life being chronicled in a Netflix mini-series. Singer Lyfe Jennings spent some time behind bars in his life. With Jeffrey Dahmer’s story being popular online due to a current Netflix mini-series, Jennings recalls encountering Dahmer, who asked him to sing.

“One particular day, Jeffery was like, ‘that’s you down there singing?'” Lyfe recalled. “He was like I like R&B, and you will never guess what song he asked me did I know, Mint Condition’s “Breakin My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes).”

Jennings says he began to sing the song, and Jeffrey Dahmer beat the song out on the door. You can hear the entire wild story below.

And then there is Boosie Badazz, who feels like this.